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Tariq Al-Ashry: I learned a lot from Jose, and then surpassed him

Tarek El-Ashry, a player from Al-Ittihad Alexandria and former technical director of a number of clubs in the Egyptian League, revealed that Helmy Tolan is a prominent sign of training in Egyptian football, explaining that he did not disguise from Tolan’s favor in his career, saying, “Tulan laid the foundation of my coaching career, and Jose helped me to Developing my training capabilities. "

Al-Ashry said in televised statements to the program "I acknowledge and confess" with Schubert on Ontime Sports, today, Friday, "I offered Jose to work with him when I was a trainer for the Border Guard, the mediator in this was Ahmed Naji, and I spent 15 days with him and learned a lot from him because he is one of the Milestones in Training in Egypt and Africa. "

Al-Ashry added that Jose used to ask about me when I was absent from the cohabitation, and he was asking me to be absent when he needed to talk with his players about some special details, and I learned from him to train and deal with all the elements of the system from players, assistants, management and even the workers of the dressing rooms.

He explained that in the year in which he spent cohabiting with Al-Ahly with Jose, he succeeded in overcoming him in the 16th round of the Egypt Cup, and his instructions and training experience with me also contributed to the transfer of the guards from the honorary region to the competitive zone.