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Orphan Day ... Famous orphans who changed the world, most notably Steve Jobs

When a person goes through some harsh conditions, he may feel at this moment that life has stopped, so the easiest choice is to surrender to the circumstances to control it however you like, but some others choose to resist the circumstances and fight to reach his goal and achieve his dream, and on the occasion of the day of the orphan, we review in this report the most famous orphans in the world , Who were able to change the world and leave a good effect on their lives, according to "owlcation".


Steve Jobs

Stephen Jobs was the illegitimate son of Syrian Doltah Al-Jandali and Joan Sheppel, an American university student at the University of Wisconsin, but due to the lack of understanding between them, they separated and Joan placed her son in a foster home and Clara and Paul Jobs soon adopted him, two middle-class American spouses, and Steve grew up in Mountain Vio, California, became interested in electronics.

By 1976, the two "Steves" company had cooperated in designing the Apple I computer, and with time the company's capital so far reached about $ 750 billion, which is more than the gross national product of Switzerland.

Steve died in 2011, after a struggle with pancreatic cancer, and reports indicated that Steve's net worth at the time of his death was about $ 10 billion, which amounts to more than $ 20 billion today.

Edgar Allan Poe

Edgar Allan Poe is the most famous literary critic, author of short stories and poems writer, and states that he was born in 1809 in Boston, and his father left the house when he was four years old, and lost his mother due to her illness with tuberculosis, and he was adopted by a Scottish merchant, lived with him, and helped him with education.

Edgar loved the police fiction and was creative in it and wrote many stories and poems, but he did not make many profits and his life was unhappy. Forty.

Simon Bolivar

Simon Bolivar was born in Caracas, Venezuela in 1783, the youngest son of Juan Vicente de Bolivar and Maria de la Concepcion Palacios y Blanco.

He lost his father before he was three years old, and after six years he lost his mother when he was nine years old, and a slave lady named "Hippolyta" took care of him until he became a young man, and Simon described her as "the only mother I have ever known."

When Simon reached the age of fourteen, he was forced to flee Venezuela with his mentor, Simon Rodriquez, who was accused of plotting against the Spanish, enrolled in the military academy, and was able to lead an army in South America against Spanish colonialism, liberating millions of South Americans from colonial rule, and he died at the age of 25. 47 years old after battling tuberculosis.


Eleanor Roosevelt

Eleanor Roosevelt was born in New York in 1884, and lost her mother to diphtheria when she was eight years old, then lost her father two years later due to alcoholism, and her grandmother took care of her, and when she was fifteen years old, she went to a private school in England.

While in England, Eleanor's uncle Theodore Roosevelt became president of the United States, and Eleanor returned to America again and married her cousin Franklin Roosevelt, and after she elected her husband president in 1933, Eleanor became the first lady of America, and she was able to work hard for many social issues. It helped Americans during World War II.

After leaving the White House and the death of her husband in 1945, Eleanor spent the rest of her life promoting charitable and social causes and interested in human rights issues, and she died at the age of 78 due to heart failure.

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