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Mufti of Lebanon: The country is in danger and the formation of the new government must be facilitated to stop the collapse

The Grand Mufti of the Lebanese Republic, Sheikh Abd al-Latif Darian Maqali called on the formation of the new government to stop "intransigence, arrogance, intransigence, and the danger of the constitution" ... indicating that Lebanon is in immediate danger and is witnessing a state of widespread chaos, and it no longer tolerates more collapses, and that the matter requires providing facilitation to form the government, not Obstructing or placing obstacles in front of it.

In a speech addressed to the Lebanese on the occasion of the holy month of Ramadan, the Mufti of Lebanon considered that his country is witnessing the deliberate destruction of its institutions, and has become a victim of "being hostage to regional axes," and that every day of delay in forming a new government represents a heavy loss for the country.

Mufti Drian held the Lebanese politicians responsible for the deterioration of the situation in a great way in light of their clinging to their positions .. saying: “Is it a difficult demand that there be a responsible government in the country? Long months have passed and there are those who are still talking about the constitutional principles and the full partnership between formation, issuance, and the obstructed third And the types of ministries and so on. "

He stressed that Lebanon is in dire need, in these current circumstances, to an executive authority to stop the collapse and reconstruction, and to go to the international community to request assistance, not to be preoccupied with claims of factional powers and rights.

He added, "There are malicious hands working in secret to obstruct the brotherly, grateful Arab efforts, to thwart the French rescue initiative, and are trying to carry out an unparalleled political blackmail operation."

He concluded: "And to the Arab brothers, we say ... we direct the call to hope, help, and hope, as we have become accustomed not to forgetting us in adversity, and we have full confidence in you, your support, your support and your help, so do not abandon us and do not leave the Lebanese people in their loss, and it becomes easy prey for those who want evil in Lebanon and the Lebanese."