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Moamen Zakaria "Al Harraq" today celebrates his "33rd" birthday

Today, Monday, Moamen Zakaria, the Al-Ahly playmaker, celebrates his 33rd birthday, as he was born on April 12, 1988, and touching the green grass and wearing Al-Ahly's jersey again is the most precious wish for the believer in his new year after the cycle of health crises that attacked the player in the recent period.


Moamen Zakaria joined the junior sector of Al-Ahly club in 2004. He continued for 5 years, and he was not promoted to the first team at the beginning of Hossam Al-Badri's first term 2009/2010, so he joined the ranks of Military Production under the leadership of Tariq Yahya for a year and a half during which he participated in "36" A match, he scored "4" goals, and participated in "5" matches in the Egypt Cup, but did not score.


He moved to the Egyptian Port Said in January 2011 and continued until the famous Port Said incident, during which he played "22" matches and scored two goals in that famous match after coming on as a substitute.


He joined the ranks of Enppi in the "2012/2013" season and participated with him in "23" matches, during which he scored seven goals.


And he moved on loan to Zamalek club in "2013" and lasted for a year and a half, during which he wore the Zamalek undershirt "57" matches, during which he scored "12" goals with nine goals in the league during "38" games, three continental goals in "11" games, and also played "8" matches in the Egypt Cup, during that short period he achieved three tournaments, including two for the Egypt Cup and the League Championship.


Moamen Zakaria is one of the smartest Egyptian football players, and is able to move distinctively inside the opponents' penalty area, scoring with feet and head, in addition to rebounding and working defensive support to the fullest, and the possibility of occupying more than one offensive position on the front lines, to be one of the most prominent tactical players in Egypt over recent seasons. Moamen Zakaria distinguished himself with his abundance of goals, so he was the top scorer for the Al-Ahly team in the 2015-2016 season, and he responded to many skeptics of his abilities after moving to the Red Team in the winter of 2015, as he is one of the stars of the game in Egypt who prayed and toured in the Al-Ahly and Zamalek poles shirt, and raised his transfer to the Tach Castle Sensation of spherical medium.


Moamen Zakaria Al-Marad Al-Ahmar played 150 matches, scored 42 goals, participated in 93 matches in the Premier League and scored 30 goals, also played 12 matches in the Egypt Cup and scored 4 goals, while he played 3 games in the Egyptian Super and scored one goal, and played 40 matches in the African Championships and scored 6 Goals, played two matches in the Arab League, and scored one goal.


And Maria played with the three teams "51" continental matches, during which he scored "9" goals, bringing his total official matches to "280", during which he scored "65" goals.

He also participated in "12" international matches with the national team. Last January, he joined the ranks of Al Ahly Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, on loan. He played with his shirt "14" matches and scored "5" goals.


Moamen Zakaria moved to the ranks of one of the Saudis before terminating his contract with the team by mutual consent without participating in any official match and returned to Al-Ahly without being tied, and Moamen Zakaria suffered a rare disease that doctors classified as muscle atrophy, and the talented boy was at the height of his brilliance so that the injury affected his movement and on The way he pronounced his speech, and of course the chances of him returning to the green rectangle, but all this did not prevent his wife "Reham" from continuing to stand firm and support her husband in the darkest moments of his life and remain his crutch on which he leans.


Moamen Zakaria achieved 3 championships with Zamalek Club, where he won the Premier League title in the 2014-2015 season, and the Egypt Cup in the 2013 and 2014 season.


With Al-Ahly club, he won 8 championships during his career with the Red Castle, where he won the Egyptian Premier League title 4 times, and the Egypt Cup only once, and with the Red Genie he won the local Super Cup “twice”, and he was crowned with the Red Team in the African Confederation Cup in 2014.



Al-Ahly club management had announced that it would bear the costs of treating Zakaria in Germany, in addition to paying all his financial dues for the period in which he was absent from the team, in appreciation of him, and for being one of the loyal sons of the club.