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Japan tightens entry rules for people coming from 4 US states, India and Peru

 Today, Wednesday, the Japanese government announced that it will tighten entry procedures and rules for travelers from four American states (Tennessee, Florida, Michigan and Minnesota), in addition to India and Peru, in light of the spread of new strains of the "Corona" virus there.

According to a statement issued by the Japanese government, reported by Japan's Kyodo News Agency, that the relevant measures will be in effect from next Saturday, as those coming from those areas will be required to undergo quarantine procedures in a designated facility, and to conduct a swab for the Corona virus on the third day. After they reach Japanese lands.

The third state of emergency for Japan has entered into force to contain the increasing number of cases of Coronavirus in the capital, Tokyo and 3 other western provinces. The Japanese newspaper "Japan Times" reported that under the new restrictions, operators of restaurants serving alcoholic beverages and cinemas must temporarily close, and hold events. Sports without an audience, noting that the emergency declaration will take effect for a period of 17 days until next May 11 in an attempt to curb infection during the upcoming Golden Week holiday, which starts from late April to early May.

She added that the measures are more severe than the previous declaration last January, while the state of emergency does not require a strict lockdown of the kind imposed by some other countries, and depends largely on the cooperation of the people and companies, adding that the Japanese government asks its citizens to refrain from leaving the house. And travel to and from areas with high numbers of injuries, except for necessity, as well as asking employers to make employees work from their homes, and to encourage them to take leave during the vacation period, to reduce the number of commuters by 70%.

The Japanese capital, Tokyo, said today, Sunday, that 635 new cases of coronavirus were recorded during the past 24 hours, as the capital and the provinces of Osaka, Hyogo and Kyoto entered a new state of emergency to combat the re-emergence of infection.