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"Islamic Affairs" carries out 260 thousand inspection tours of Saudi mosques during Ramadan

The Ministry of Islamic Affairs, Advocacy and Guidance carried out 23,579 monitoring rounds in mosques and mosques in the Kingdom during the 12th week to follow up the implementation of the precautionary measures and health protocols adopted by the ministry in coordination and follow-up with the competent authorities to prevent the spread of the Coronavirus, bringing the number of monitoring tours that the ministry carried out within 12 weeks to 260,155 monitoring rounds; To achieve the highest standards of safety in the homes of God, in order to achieve the Ministry's mission and general objectives.

This came in a report issued by the Ministry’s Agency for Mosques Affairs of the number of monitoring tours carried out by the ministry to follow up the implementation of health protocols in mosques in all regions during the 12th week, and was published by the "SPA" news agency.

The report indicated that the Ministry detected 101 violations of mosque employees and worshipers, which were addressed immediately, indicating that the violations that were detected varied between not wearing a muzzle and not bringing the carpet, in addition to not achieving physical distancing, non-compliance with prayer times in general and Tarawih prayers in particular, and the duration of opening Mosques, according to the Ministry's circular, while the number of mosques in which laxity in applying the precautionary measures was monitored reached 1824 mosques in the regions of the Kingdom, in which observations were addressed immediately.

The Ministry indicated that these monitoring tours are ongoing by mosque monitors in the regions, and there are field monitoring committees that work around the clock to lift all violations and take all legal measures, reaffirming the importance of adopting the Ministry's instructions that are in the interest of everyone, and to protect their health while they are in the mosques.

The Ministry called upon everyone, if noticing deficiencies in the application of precautionary measures in mosques, to contact the Beneficiary Service Center 1933, stressing that cooperation in avoiding any deficiencies in services and providing the highest safety standards for worshipers is a legal duty and a national responsibility in which everyone participates.