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Housing starts developing the entrances to the governorates ... and the southern entrance to Giza is the first of the projects

The Butcher: The project aims to solve the problem of the transportation system and random parking, to facilitate traffic movement ... and to provide services to the population

Dr. Assem Al-Jazzar, Minister of Housing, Utilities and Urban Communities, held a meeting to review the project of re-planning and developing the southern entrance to the city of Giza, which aims to link and integrate with major development projects in the surrounding area, and the optimal use of the available lands on the Nile front, and the main axes, in the presence of ministry officials, And the project advisory group.


The Minister of Housing emphasized that the project also aims to connect the southern entrance area to Giza with the main surrounding axes, and establish a collective transport center in the Moneeb area to solve the problem of the transportation system and random parking, and the traffic bottlenecks it causes in that area, and the establishment of administrative and service centers that meet the needs of citizens.


The Minister directed to set an executive timetable for traffic solutions, and to develop a phased implementation concept, as it is the basis for development in the region, and it will work to achieve traffic liquidity and facilitate communication, as well as a list of projects proposed to be implemented to develop the southern entrance to the city of Giza, where these projects will be implemented in successive stages. Whether through the state or offered to the private sector, calculating the cost of implementing traffic solutions, and the industrial works that will be implemented.


During the meeting, the members of the Consultative Group reviewed the area development plan, the land use proposal, the movement axes, the traffic solutions proposals, and dealing with the positions of the various means of transportation, in order to facilitate the traffic movement, in addition to reviewing the residential and service activities and projects proposed to be implemented.