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Essam El-Hadary to "Ceramica Guardians": If I didn't want you, I would play in your place

The legend Essam El-Hadary, the goalkeeper coach for the first team football team at Ceramica Club, revealed the details of his first training in the newly emerging club of the League of Lights and Fame, stressing that he stressed the guards the need to adhere to and appear well in matches.


The High Dam led the first training for Ceramica guards yesterday, after his return from the United Arab Emirates after obtaining the international course for the "B" training license.


Al-Hadari said in exclusive statements to Al-Youm Al-Sabea that he gave some technical instructions to the guards, and greeted them for their commitment and implementation of the requirements, praising the level they provide in training, explaining that the Ceramica team has distinguished guards.


The High Dam flirted with the goalkeepers in the first training to pull them off and inflame their enthusiasm, saying: "If you don't get hard on your tricks and perform well on the field, I will go to play for you."


Al-Hadary expressed his happiness with the step of joining the Ceramica Club, stressing that he did not hesitate to accept the mission, as soon as it was presented to him by Diaa Al-Sayed, and listened carefully to the project presented by Ceramica officials.


Al-Hadary explained that Ceramica was able to be classified among the big teams, despite the newness of the team in the Premier League, pointing out that the professionalism of the administration of Ceramica helped to provide all means of success to provide a good level during the first appearance of the team in the Premier League.