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Coronavirus self-test kits start to be sold in South Korea

South Korea announced today, Thursday, that it has started selling self-test kits for the emerging coronavirus in local pharmacies.

The South Korean Hanmi Drug Company reported - in a statement reported by South Korea News Agency - that the self-test kits for SD Biosensor obtained approval from the South Korean Medicines Safety Agency last week, and are now available through Hanmi Pharmaceuticals distribution channels around the country. Country.

She explained that users can collect samples from their own noses for testing, and the results appear within 15-30 minutes, indicating that if their results are positive from the self-test, then they are asked to visit the examination stations to undergo the preventive polymerase chain reaction (PCR) tests to obtain a more accurate result. .

Another self-test kit by local drug developer Humasys will arrive in pharmacies and be available via online channels starting next Monday.

The two self-test kits have also obtained approval for emergency use in foreign countries, and are currently in use in many European countries.

South Korea has been struggling to boost its testing capacity as the country prepares for another wave of the virus.

And the authorities in South Korea had said that they would start from next Wednesday to exclude those who received full doses of the Corona vaccine from the mandatory self-quarantine period for 14 days after entering the country in light of comprehensive efforts aimed at expanding vaccination operations.

The health authorities in South Korea - according to South Korea's Yonhap News Agency - stated that the new laws will be applied starting from next Wednesday only for those who have been fully vaccinated in South Korea, indicating that they will have to undergo corona tests and not show any symptoms to be excluded from the isolation period. Compulsory.

She explained that the new laws will not be implemented immediately on those who have been vaccinated outside the country, nor will they be applied to arrivals from countries with a high incidence of infection with new strains of the virus, including South Africa and Brazil.

The South Korean health authorities said that they plan to put in place measures to verify foreign vaccination certificates and gradually apply laws to those who have been vaccinated abroad under the principle of reciprocity, and the mandatory self-quarantine will also be lifted for those who communicate with Covid-19 patients if they are those who have been vaccinated.

South Korea has vaccinated 2,808,794 people since the vaccination campaign began on February 26, including 220,729 people who were vaccinated yesterday. This represents 5.5% of the total population.

The agency said that the number of people who received two doses of the vaccine reached 168,721 people, or 0.3% of the total population.