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5 types of meditation experts advise to practice to get rid of the stress of Corona

Psychological and mental health experts advise practicing a spiritual sport of meditation to keep the mind calm, and get rid of the tension caused by Corona waves.

Experts believe that meditation is one of the best ways to keep the mind calm and that when you meditate, all your focus comes to the center and relaxes you psychologically in light of concern about the outbreak of the third wave of the Corona virus, which is more terrifying than before, everyone has closed themselves inside the homes, but the negative news Everywhere, in order to maintain your sanity during these test times, you should practice meditation There are many types of stress meditation that you can choose from, according to "only my health".

 Mindful meditation

Mindfulness meditation is all about mindfulness, this means being present in your thoughts and focusing on one thing while doing this meditation, one needs to be fully aware and present during the session, you should know what is going on around you but not interact with it. This meditation is anywhere and anytime when you feel weak. It is best to sit in a quiet corner, close your eyes and focus on your breath, once you have mastered this meditation.

Heuristic Meditation


As the name suggests, this type of meditation is directed by an expert who also knows guided meditation as guided imagery or visualization. This meditation is performed where an expert asks you to imagine images or memories that you find comfortable, and this may include such as sound, textures, smells, etc. to evoke calm.


Meditate the chakra


There are seven chakras associated with different parts of the body, each chakra related to a specific body part and health problems, these are the energy centers of the body where the spiritual powers are also present. The healing chakra is a practice that helps heal many physical, psychological and emotional problems.It also has benefits in restoring your mind and body.These aim to balance the chakras and promote overall wellness, also uses various props such as colors, crystals, and incense sticks.




Yoga meditation is the traditional meditation that most people practice for it, and yoga meditation includes breathing exercises and various postures to achieve the best results, this can be done with an intervention on the correct position and focus on breathing during yoga meditation, this improves breathing and promotes blood circulation in the body, it will take tension out of your mind and raise Out of your positive mood.

Meditate on singing

This is a simple meditation technique that only a meditation professional suggests, this meditation is transmitted through singing, personally assigned by an expert, that includes the sound, word, or phrase that must be repeated during the meditation. You need to close your eyes and sit comfortably to do this type of meditation. It is a great help in getting rid of Coronavirus fears.