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Tunisian Ministry of Interior: thwarting two illegal immigration attempts

The Tunisian Ministry of the Interior revealed, today, Thursday, that two illegal immigration attempts, surreptitiously crossing the sea and land borders, have been thwarted in the governorates of Sfax and Kasserine.

According to a statement on the official page, the Ministry of the Interior said that the emergency police department in the wilaya of Sfax managed to arrest 5 people who were crossing the maritime borders surreptitiously, from the Tunisian coast of Kerkennah towards Europe.

The statement added that by interrogating them, they confessed that they had coordinated with an organizer of illegal immigration to cross the border surreptitiously, after they had paid an amount of 60 thousand Tunisian dinars for each person.

Another statement indicated that the Land Border Division, with the participation of the National Guard Center in the state of Kasserine, were able to arrest two people in the process of helping two other persons of African nationality to surreptitiously cross the land borders, and legal measures have been taken in their regard.

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