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People at risk of developing liver cancer .. Get to know them and the most prominent treatment methods

Liver cancer occurs when old and damaged liver cells tend to overgrow and continue to multiply rather than die, and there are many factors that increase the chances of developing liver cancer, most notably having a family history of disease, cirrhosis, type 2 diabetes, and even hepatitis. Factors that can lead to liver cancer.

According to a report by TIME NOW NEWS, there are other factors such as obesity, low immunity and smoking that can be the cause of liver cancer. The liver is the largest organ in the body and is located on the right side of the abdomen. It is responsible for performing vital functions such as helping your body break down and remove toxins in addition to That, it also allows you to digest fats, vitamins and other important nutrients but once diagnosed with liver cancer, the liver will have a hard time carrying out the responsibilities.

Liver cancer occurs when old and damaged liver cells tend to overgrow and continue to multiply instead of dying. Liver cancer can be primary or secondary, the primary type originates in the liver while secondary liver cancer can occur when those cancer cells move from other organs such as the breast or lungs to the liver. Moreover, it can also invite other conditions such as high cholesterol levels. In blood, enlarged liver, bleeding and bruising of the organ. Symptoms of liver cancer are abdominal pain, jaundice, nausea, vomiting, fatigue, itching, back pain, fever and unintended weight loss.

Who can get liver cancer


People with diabetes and hepatitis, who have a family history of liver cancer, excessive alcohol consumption that leads to cirrhosis, people with reduced immunity with HIV or AIDS, obesity that can contribute to cirrhosis and even smoking can It increases the risk of liver cancer.

Liver cancer treatment

Treatment for liver cancer depends on the type, stage, and location of the tumor. The common treatment for liver cancer is chemotherapy, where medication can be given orally or intravenously to kill cancer cells. After that, radiation therapy can be used where high-energy radiation can help kill those cancer cells. Option The other is surgery, if the tumor is small, then the doctor will remove the cancer cells that contain a small number of healthy liver tissue around them. Liver transplantation is done when the liver is completely damaged. The ablation therapy can be used where the doctor will choose heat or laser injection to kill the cancer cells. Embolization, which helps prevent blood from reaching cancer cells until they die.

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