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Lebanese Prime Minister: We hope that a new government will be formed soon to handle the crises

 The head of the caretaker government in Lebanon, Dr. Hassan Diab, expressed his hope that the new government of the country will be formed in the near future to address crises and accelerate the process of full recovery from crises, indicating at the same time that the existing caretaker government will perform its duty properly and quickly at my level. Reform and Reconstruction.

This came during "Diab" chairing the first meeting to launch the work of the Consultative Group on the Framework of Reform, Recovery and Reconstruction established by the World Bank Group, the United Nations and the European Union in the wake of the Beirut seaport explosion, in cooperation with the Lebanese government and civil society, and with the participation of ambassadors of donor countries in Lebanon and UN officials.

Diab said that Lebanon is suffering from a series of exacerbating and dangerous crises that affect the foundations of the state, noting that the explosion of the Beirut seaport that occurred on August 4, was a strong blow that led to an unprecedented crisis and left devastating tragedies.

He pointed out that the explosion of the Beirut sea port caused widespread damage to businesses all over Lebanon, considering that the port is the largest shipping and clearance point in all of Lebanon, and that nearly 70% of all Lebanese exports and commercial imports pass through it.

He emphasized that the path of sustainable development and the reconstruction of Lebanon depends on the reforms initiated by the current government (the caretaker government) ... pointing out that the implementation of the reform, recovery and reconstruction framework in an orderly manner must focus on the basic recovery needs of the Lebanese citizens, especially the most vulnerable groups, to help them. To deal with the multiple traumas to which they are exposed.

He explained, "60% of the Lebanese live below the poverty line, and Lebanon generously hosts nearly two million refugees and displaced persons. Therefore, your care is necessary to address the impending perception that plagues vulnerable groups, which is to exclude them from international aid and abandon them in the dark days." .

He added, "Strengthening the resilience of the Lebanese people, the social safety net, service providers from the public and private sectors, and support for small and medium enterprises severely affected by the explosion are all essential factors for improving livelihoods in the first phase of the implementation of the reform, recovery and reconstruction framework."

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