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How to deal with a depressed person? ... Learn 5 things they want from you

Dealing with people with depression is a matter that prepares to take into account several considerations, which you can do to relieve their pain and help them continue life and move away from any pressures that may be caused by saying or doing, whether intentionally or unintentionally, increase their suffering and psychological pain, so there are 5 things that can be committed to Depressed patients to help them lead a better life, according to "timesofindia".

1- Asking you if they are okay

When you find a person suffering from extreme distress or sadness, regardless of whether he is suffering from depression or not, ask him if he is okay, he may answer you or not, but he will feel warmth and attention on your part that may help him without knowing.

2- Notifying them that they are wanted and loved

Let them know that you love them no matter what. Help them understand how important they are to you and remind them of the times when they were most helpful and understanding. This will help them realize their value in the world around them.

3- Do not judge the situation, but understand it

Often times, we quickly judge people with depression or who are not in their right state of mind, but it is even better if we try to understand the symptoms and the true cause of their problems and learn to put yourself in their shoes so that you really understand what they are going through.

4- Stay with them as long as possible

One of the things that a depressed person loves is for someone to stay with them, especially in times of turmoil. Stay close to them and make them feel wanted and loved.

5- Don't leave them immediately

When you ask someone if they are okay, do not leave immediately, they may say that they are fine and this is not true at all, but try to make sure of this by repeating the question again.