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Head of the Real Estate Tax Authority: The end of this March is the deadline for receiving declarations

Anwar Fawzi, head of the Real Estate Tax Authority, confirmed that we will continue to facilitate the process for citizens, during the season of submitting tax declarations by opening several outlets in the public treasury building, and providing the necessary technical support and awareness, after the period for submitting the declarations was extended to the end of this March, which was from Scheduled to be completed last December, calling on the taxpayers to quickly pay the property tax.

He indicated that real estate tax returns can be submitted by those who own, benefit or exploit real estate in any real estate tax office nationwide or through the "Digital Egypt" platform on the Internet "" that allows the submission of real estate tax declarations. About housing units online for citizens in a simple way.

He explained that part of the real estate tax revenues are directed to the governorates to spend on education, health, and projects for developing and developing slums, stressing that private housing with a market value of less than 2 million pounds is exempt from real estate tax, so that its owner submits an exemption request on “Form 6” attached to it. "Statement of real estate wealth on form 6 bis" includes a statement of all the units that he owns or benefits from nationwide, and that if the market value of the real estate unit "private housing" reaches 2 million pounds, then the real estate tax due on it is only 120 pounds annually, and if it reaches two and a half million One million pounds, the tax is 750 pounds, and if it reaches 3 million pounds, the tax is 1380 pounds.


The real estate tax outlets in the “General Treasury” building in Cairo witnessed a remarkable turnout from citizens to submit real estate tax declarations, inquire about their value and pay them, during the past days, especially since the end of this March is the last date for receiving these declarations, as two Treasury outlets, 3 outlets for inquiry and 5 outlets were allocated To submit declarations in a way that contributes to reducing crowding and applying precautionary measures and preventive measures to limit the spread of the emerging "Corona" virus.

Those dealing with real estate taxes praised the outlets provided in the "Public Treasury" building in Cairo, and the allocation of qualified employees to help them fill out real estate tax declarations and overcome obstacles, valuing the acceptance of declarations for their housing units in all governorates at the outlets of the "Public Treasury", as this saves a lot of Time and effort and exempt them from the trouble of traveling, especially to the coastal units in the Red Sea, South Sinai and Suez governorates.

Citizens Amjad Hosni, Mohamed Adel, Ashraf Mohamed, Olaf Saad, and Amira Khaled, thanked the Minister of Finance, Dr. Mohamed Maait, according to an official statement of the Ministry of Finance, confirming that they received good service at the real estate tax outlets in the interest of the "public treasury" in Cairo without competition, as he helped them Employees often complete the procedures, whether submitting real estate tax returns, inquiring about them or paying them easily, in a few minutes, not exceeding a quarter of an hour.

They added that the allocation of outlets, places for inquiries, and employees to help them reflects the keenness of Dr. Muhammad Maait, Minister of Finance, to better and faster end the interests of citizens, and to provide all possible services in the interest of the "public treasury" to save time and effort, including: "Awareness of how to submit the real estate tax declaration, and answer all inquiries." , Providing suitable places to fill out declarations, distributing citizens in a disciplined manner in several queues to facilitate them, and reducing the time for submitting and receiving declarations and paying the tax due for their housing units.

They clarified that if they feel that there are errors in their declarations or an overestimation, they challenge these estimates, within 60 days from the date of notification of the value due from them, at the headquarters of the real estate to which the property belongs, and the competent appeal committee shall decide on this request.

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