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Guardian: Evidence mounting that Covid 19 sometimes causes diabetes

The British Guardian newspaper said that a group of scientists from all over the world believe that there is increasing evidence that Covid 19 can cause diabetes in some patients.

Professor Francesco Rubino, from Kings College London, is leading the call for a full investigation into the possible link between the two diseases, after some doctors witnessed a rise in type 1 and 2 diabetes infections in people who had been infected with the Coronavirus. Some doctors are considering the possibility that the virus, by disrupting sugar metabolism, could lead to an entirely new form of diabetes.

Rubino first realized the possibility of a link during a tea party with colleagues via Zoom as stories were shared about it.

Rubino and others have set up a registry to begin compiling and analyzing these reports. The principal investigators of the registry, who received reports from more than 350 doctors suspected of having encountered one or more cases of diabetes caused by COVID-19, said the numbers were hard to ignore.

Robino noted that over the past few months, they've seen more cases of patients who either developed diabetes during or shortly after they had COVID-19. He added that they are starting to think that the link is likely real, as there is a possibility that the virus causes an imbalance in sugar metabolism.

He pointed out that if there was a biological link, it would be difficult to prove it without a large database. He added: We said that it is worth initiating an investigation because this could be a big problem, especially given the size of the epidemic.