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French medical official: Corona virus in the Paris region "is not under control"

Martin Erche, Director-General of the Paris Hospital Organization, said today, Wednesday, that the spread of the Corona virus is worsening in the Greater Paris region, as hospitals face tremendous pressure.

Irish told RTL radio that there were two options to contain the disease, a local lockdown at the weekend as it does in other parts of the country, or a wider lockdown in the region.

"The virus is not under control. There are as many patients in intensive care units today as they were at the height of the second wave," he added.

He indicated that there are about 1,100 people infected with Covid-19 disease in the intensive care units in the region, and the number may reach 1,700 by the end of the month if the current situation continues.

He added that the intensive care units in the Greater Paris region reach a capacity of about a thousand beds in normal times.

Remy Salomo, head of WHO's medical committee, told BFM television today, Wednesday, that implementing a weekend lockdown in the Greater Paris region may not be sufficient to control the outbreak of the Coronavirus.

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