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Fox News: Trump's advisor announces the ex-president's planning to visit the Mexican border

A former Donald Trump aide said the former president is concerned about the immigrant situation along the US-Mexico border and may plan to visit the region, according to Fox News.

"I can see him doing it soon, not right away, but I can see a trip in the future here," Miller-Libre said of a possible Trump visit to the border area. "That's something that really worries President Trump."

Miller claimed that the former president had not toured the region since leaving office in January because he wanted to give President Biden time to "fail on his own" on immigration issues, and indicated that Trump understands that criticizing Biden publicly, if not done carefully, could be done. To give Biden the opportunity to complain that Trump was "making a scene" rather than pushing him to a political point.

"I think there's a very fine line between calling someone out about their policies and then appearing to do something showcasing," Miller told Perry.

In the same conversation, Miller referred to Vice President Kamala Harris as "Mrs. Open-Borders," in response to reports that Biden appointed Harris to lead his border administration's efforts amid a growing number of immigrants trying to enter the United States.

In the same context, Trump criticized Biden for ending the construction of the border wall, which was central to Trump's presidency, and for canceling the "Stay in Mexico" program.

The appearance came after Biden held his first official press conference despite more than two months in office, where Biden insisted that immigrant families "should all return" and that the United States "is in negotiations with Mexico." To make sure that happens soon.

On Friday, a group of US Senators including Senator Ted Cruz, a Republican, said they toured what Cruz called "Biden cages" where some young immigrants were detained, describing the conditions as "inhuman" and "unreasonable." .