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Fish prices at the El Obour market today ... A decrease in the price of farm tilapia between 16-21 pounds

Today, Saturday, March 13-2021, fish prices have stabilized according to the official prices announced in the wholesale transit market, with a decrease in the prices of tilapia farms, where the prices of tilapia farms recorded 1, 18-21 pounds per kilo, compared to 19-22 pounds per kilo, while tilapia farms recorded 2, 16. -17.5 pounds per kilo, and the price of Aswan tilapia ranged between 17-37 pounds per kilo.

The prices of mullet stabilized 1. Between 42-48 pounds per kilo, and mullet 2 between 32-38 pounds per kilo, and the price of boron “1” ranged from 34-40 pounds per kilo, and borbon “2” 25-35 pounds per kilo, and the prices of white peels ranged between-70. The price of the smooth white "1" was 100 pounds per kilo, while the smooth whiteness "2" scored 25 - 35 pounds per kilo, and the prices of shillan catfish ranged from 10-20 pounds.

The price of eel fish stabilized to range between 50-210 pounds per kilo, the price of "1" coral 28 - 34 pounds per kilo, "2" coral 23 - 27 pounds per kilo, and frozen coral 15 - 25 pounds per kilo.

The prices of jumbo shrimp ranged between 400 - 450 pounds per kilo, shrimp "1" 300 - 360 pounds per kilo, shrimp "2" 200 - 250 pounds per kilo, frozen shrimp "2" from 85 to 165 pounds per kilo, and shrimp "3" 90 - 150 pounds. Per kilo.

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