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7 deals that failed Real Madrid fans ... most notably Kaka, and the last of them was Hazard

Real Madrid is one of the most desirable clubs by players and the clubs that invest in players as well, and the royal club's money always goes to big deals, but some of those deals are wrong and let the fans of Los Blancos fail, and over the past few years, there have been Many bizarre deals that were formalized by the Spanish giants and ultimately disappoint the fans of the team.

Here we see 7 deals that failed the fans of the royal team.

1- Kaka

Real bought him in the same transfer period that witnessed the influx of Cristiano Ronaldo and Karim Benzema to Madrid, and cost Kaka the Merengue treasuries dearly, but he was unable to repeat the great years he achieved in Milan, as injuries and competition prevented the Brazilian from proving himself in the white jersey.

2- Antonio Cassano

Cassano had potential, but it did not explode with Real Madrid, after living the height of his career in the early 2000s with Roma, the Italian striker entered the interests of Real Madrid and a contract was concluded with him already in 2006, and Cassano was unable to adapt to the new club, and accumulated He had bruises and problems off the field, including publicly insulting coach Fabio Capello.

3- Jonathan Woodgate

Leeds United revealed that the English striker signed with Real Madrid in 2004 after he wore the Newcastle shirt the previous season, and he did not play in his first season with the club due to injury, and when he appeared officially he scored a goal against him and was sent off in a scenario that is the worst for any footballer, and he ended up Order to move in 2006 to Middlesbrough.

4- Wesley Schneider

The great Dutch star who was part of the most important generations of the windmills team, and the Dutchman starred in his early years as a professional in defending the Ajax shirt, the club in which he grew up. But he quickly regained his luster in his first season after Real Madrid with Inter Milan, and at that time he was among the best players in the world.

5- Luka Jovic

Real Madrid paid a heavy price for the signing of the Serbian who had already returned to Germany, as Eintracht Frankfurt put a great season for the young Serbian striker on the radar of world football giants, but Real Madrid alone was willing to pay 63 million euros to get him out of Germany, however, it seems that The weight of the Merengue shirt was too much for him, as he scored only two goals and made two assists in 32 matches. Today, he is trying to "come back" with Eintracht, through a loan.

6- Danilo

Real Madrid bought him from Porto in mid-2015, and Danilo arrived in the Spanish capital amid great expectations. Behind the scenes of the club, there was hope that the Brazilian would be "the new Daniel Alves", two years later, Manchester City was finally ready to sign him, and not A cat sparkles in his marinage shirt.

7- Eden Hazard

The Belgian star can be considered the biggest disappointment for the madrasa fans in recent years, as some of them believe that he came to fill the void left by club legend Cristiano Ronaldo, with more than 100 million euros invested by Real Madrid to get the Belgian striker out of Chelsea, putting additional pressure on his shoulders, but the vast majority Of the fans, they imagined that Hazard would transfer to a new club, before injuries hampered his career and he failed even to transfer to a new club so far.